MBBS in ISM Kyrgyzstan

For studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, the International School of Medicine (ISM) is one of the top choices for Indian students. This institution is accredited by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education and offers a five-year General Medicine course. It is a member of WDOMS, a worldwide organization that promotes medical education. Students can either stay in the hostel or rent a room in the vicinity of campus.

Apart from the academic degree, ISM Kyrgyzstan offers excellent facilities for sports and leisure activities. There are sports sections, theaters, libraries, internet connectivity, and rooms with an Internet connection. Faculty members at ISM Kyrgyzstan organize various cultural events for students. They also arrange educational trips to Kyrgyzstan. The students get to learn about local history and culture.

The International School of Medicine (ISM) has been the top choice for MBBS students in Kyrgyzstan. It has several programs running and more than three thousand students. The majority of them are Indian nationals. ISM offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. The ISM Kyrgyzstan campus is quite large and has all the facilities required for a good education.

About International School of Medicine

IHSM was established 17 years ago in 2003 in Bishkek, with a prerequisite to improving the quality of education in the field of medicine and since then evolved as an internationally recognized Institution by reputed authoritative organizations such as WHO, MCI, FAIMER, etc. IHSM is keen on providing quality education with world-class infrastructure in the field of medicine at an affordable cost.

The International School of Medicine’s structural component, Issyk-Kul Regional Campus, is situated in Cholpon-Ata, a town on the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. The university functions close to the International School Of Medicine campus in Bishkek and provides training of 5 years of MD Degree in General Medicine.

The administrative subdivisions and departments located in the Issyk-Kul campus also tightly coordinate their activities with the International School Of Medicine departments located at the Central Campus. The campus’s training units are outfitted with all the resources required for effective, career-focused learning.  The National Rating 2020 published by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic names IHSM as the best university in Kyrgyzstan.


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    The campus has spacious lecture halls, leisure facilities, well-equipped practical laboratories and a central library designed to meet the information and research needs of students. It holds a diverse collection of print, non-print, and computer resources. Each student will have access to various databases and e-learning software specially designed for medical students with 3D animations


    Practical exposure is one of the main concerns for students studying abroad. Differences in climatic and environmental conditions always play key role in regional diseases. To better understand the Practitioner methods which doctors follow in India and to give expose to regional and climatic diseases of India, a Clinical associated hospitals “VEDANTA”, was established with Indian doctors and international standards for training Indian students with modern Indian medical practices. This will help student to become familiar with Indian diseases and reduce the gap between Indian and global health education.

    Hostels and Mess

    Students at hostels will have same home atmosphere which makes them feel comfortable And adapt to local life. Separate hostels for boys and girls with Indian caretaker’s helps students for easy communication and better stay as there are no language issues. A Quality Indian food prepared by Indian cooks is another advantage for students. To make taste good Rice, pulses and spices are imported from India on quarterly basis. To provide safe and secure accommodation all hostels are equipped with high definition cameras and monitored by well trained security staff 24/7

    Student Life

    Students are encouraged to form clubs and join International Student’s Networks. Every year, a variety of extracurricular events are planned to help students learn more about the most recent developments in medicine. Many students do utilize the opportunity to participate in international conferences, University exchange programs, medical camps and training sessions. Apart students also involve in various cultural activities, sports and cultural trips.

    MBBS in ISM for Indian Students

    The MBBS course in the ISM focuses on theoretical subjects in the first two years. The students attend all classes on the university campus. In the third year, they must work in local hospitals and interact with patients in their native language. The Indian students learn the local language and become fluent in it. The time spent in hospitals also increases. Most ISM hostels are located inside the main campus.

    The International School of Medicine (ISM) accepts students from all over the world. Though its educational curriculum resembles that of the Indian curriculum, foreign students can easily understand its medical concepts. The International School of Medicine for Indian students offers courses in several fields, including pediatrics, obstetrics, and pathology. The program is completed in five years. The program is internationally accredited and has received recognition from WHO and MCI.

    MBBS Admission to International School of Medicine

    International School of Medicine Kyrgyzstan offers a five-year MBBS program. The admission process opens on 1 July and runs till the 15th of August. Fees are affordable and you can get the best training in Kyrgyzstan. You can enroll in MBBS in ISM Kyrgyzstan through one of the ISM Authorised consultancies. The visa application process is generally completed in two to three months.

    MBBS Admission to an International School of Medicine may seem like a daunting task. But there are a number of important steps that you can take to ensure that you’re eligible to pursue the degree. First, you should submit your official educational transcripts. A higher GPA is a key component of college admissions. You’ll need to submit these records in order to ensure that you’ll get accepted. If you are a native English speaker, you must take the NEET exam and meet certain criteria. You will also need to submit your character certificate during the admission process. Applicants must meet a minimum score to qualify for admission.

    Indian Teachers and Curriculum

    To Bridge the gap between Indian and Foreign Medical Curriculum, complete Indian curriculum was introduced in syllabus and a team of Indian professors placed in campus for better success of students. Also an exclusive couching is provided by Indian industry experts from the first year in campus to make students ready for FMGE, NEET PG and other Competitive exams.

    ISM Kyrgyzstan MBBS Fee Structure

    If you are planning to pursue MBBS in ISM Kyrgyzstan, you should know about the fee structure. Typically, you will have to pay USD 5500 for one year of study, as well as the cost of living in Kyrgyzstan. This fee structure includes the tuition fees and the cost of accommodation at the university’s hostel. ISM Kyrgyzstan consists of three MBBS institutions located in the capital, Bishkek, and Kant. The fee structure for five years ranges from around Rs. 16 to 24 Lacs. Most students finish their courses within this range.


    Fee Structure

    Tution Fees Per Year $
    Hostel Fees Per Year $
    Medical Assistance $
    One Time Charges (Only First year) $
    Security Deposit $

    Note:- College fee should pay in USD only

    MBBS Duration in International School of Medicine

    The International School of Medicine offers a 5-year MBBS course for Indian students. Although the school used to offer a 6-year course, Indian students preferred the shorter time period to save on living expenses. However, the duration of the course does not include the year spent abroad. Those looking for a shorter course duration should consider other factors, such as the cost of living in the host country. Moreover, students in the International School of Medicine have the option of living in hostels and/or renting apartments while attending the medical course.

    Reasons to Study MBBS in ISM Kyrgyzstan

    • International School of Medicine is ranked thirteenth among Kyrgyzstan’s higher education institutions. The school is internationally recognized and its faculty is well experienced and skilled at training Indian students. The International School of Medicine is recognized by the MCI.
    • Its low tuition fees and affordable living expenses make it a top choice for students studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Apart from that, Kyrgyzstan is a very affordable place to study and work after graduation. You can earn a decent living, too.
    • Students who study in Kyrgyzstan are also eligible to take major medical examinations, including PLAB. The National Board of Examinations (NBE) conducts these exams as a directive from the Medical Council of India. With this, graduates of ISM Kyrgyzstan’s medical schools can find work in top hospitals in the world. This is a major plus for aspiring students from India who want to pursue a career in medicine abroad.
    • The International School of Medicine is the top MBBS College in Kyrgyzstan. The school’s high standards are reflected in the quality of medical education and the expertise of its staff. It has attracted around 7000 international students. With affordable tuition and excellent career prospects after graduation, ISM is an ideal choice for students who want to study abroad.

    Eligibility to Study MBBS in ISM

    In order to be eligible to study MBBS in IHSM, you must be 17 years of age and have obtained a minimum of 50% aggregate in 12th grade. For General category students, the required percentage should be 50% in both Chemistry and Physics. For OBC students, the requirement is 40%. Also, you must have taken NEET. These are a few of the most important documents to consider for MBBS abroad.

    After 12th grade, you should have completed a pre-med course in India. A pre-med course teaches the basics of medicine and science. The US equivalent to an MBBS degree is accredited by the MCC, ECFMG, and WHO. In addition, you can apply for generous scholarships to pursue your medical degree. You will have to pay approximately $250,000 to $300K for the course.

    Required Documents for MBBS in ISM

    The Admissions Department of ISM accepts applications from students from all over the world. You should keep these documents handy. You will be required to present them in order to get your acceptance letter from ISM.
    Documentation needed for MBBS Study at the International School of Medicine are:
    1. Admission application form
    2. Birth certificate and citizenship certificate
    3. Results of the entrance exam for medical school.
    4. A valid ID card or passport
    5. Records transcripts from previous educational institutions
    6. A copy of the certificate from your previous institution of higher learning
    7. Two photos the size of a passport.

    Additional Services from ISM Focal Point Pvt. Ltd.

    • Assistance in documentation
    • Brief orientation before departure to provide all necessary information about university and life abroad.
    • Travel and Forex arrangements.
    • Accompanying student from the Hyderabad to the University.
    • Accommodating in hostel as per student preference
    • Assistance in final registration with the University.
    • Assistance for the medical check-up in the University at the time of arrival.
    • Continues coordinating with University authorities in monitoring students’ academic progress and behaviour.
    • Assistance for parents in obtaining a visa to visit the student.
    • Assistance in booking air tickets during the whole period of study.
    • We provide 100% care and assistance during any emergency faced by the students.

    Students can concentrate on their studies as we take care of everything else during their entire academic period.