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Top 10 Facts to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students 2023

Top 10 Facts to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students : 2023

In the 12th standard, many students dream of becoming doctors if they pass the science stream. Thousands of NEET-qualified candidates apply to Indian medical universities every year in order to fulfill their dream, but due to limited seats, high competition in the medical field, and unaffordable fee structures, many candidates turn away from these worthless things to avoid them. The MBBS abroad is perfect for you.
Overseas medical universities are an ideal place for Indian students to pursue MBBS education. This is the main reason why many Indian students study MBBS abroad.
Medical students are also seeking an affordable education as well as the standard of instruction offered abroad at clinical universities. MBBS admissions at clinical universities abroad are extremely straightforward and hassle-free. Therefore, based on your financial investment and time constraints, make your choice wisely.
It is not unusual for many countries to offer “Out of the World” programs in order to provide quality medical education. By studying MBBS abroad, you can achieve your “Past mastery” in your preferred field. If you are planning to study abroad in order to complete your dream of becoming a doctor, this decision is 100% correct.

The Top 10 Benefits of Studying MBBS Abroad:

Students get numerous benefits from studying MBBS abroad. Below are all the benefits of studying MBBS abroad.
• Affordability: The least costly nations to focus on medication that conveys concentrates on MBBS abroad come from Europe, where it is generally low to-reside costs. In the case of Russia, a complete month-to-month living expense, including every above cost, is anywhere between 100-150 USD.
• Quality Education: It is far better for Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad rather than in India due to the excellent quality and affordability of the education provided by foreign medical universities.

• No Entrance Test: For Indian students, there is one advantage: foreign medical universities don’t require entrance exams for admission. Indian students have one and only entrance test to take.

• Productivity: New Zealand has more than 17,000 doctors, 40% of whom come from outside the country, unlike India, where so many doctors come from abroad.

• Highly Qualified Faculties: Medical universities abroad offer excellent medical education with modern technology through internationally qualified faculties.

• Easy Admission Procedure: Indian students seeking admission to overseas medical universities follow an easy and simple admission process without a lot of paperwork.

• Students-Teacher Ratio: Due to the students-teachers ratio of 15:1, students don’t feel crowded in the classroom. Students can get one-on-one attention from teachers in the classroom.

• Multicultural Environment: Indian students and foreign students from different countries attend the university every year. Students get to know local people and enjoy different cultures together.

• Safety & Security: There are many countries outside of India that are safer than India. Indian students studying MBBS abroad feel very safe. Universities provide extra safety for foreign students.
This makes it one of the reasons why thousands of Indian students choose to pursue their MBBS in foreign countries. However, if you opt for studying in India to become an expert, taking up NEET is the best way. Though there are many universities abroad that provide a competitive fee structure for Indian students.

Eligibility Criteria for Studying MBBS Abroad:

All universities have different admission criteria, but there are some universal requirements that those pursuing an MBBS degree abroad should be aware of.
1. Applicants must have turned 17 at the time of applying.
2. General category students should have scored 50% or above in PCB in the 12th class.
3. For reserves category applicants, 40% or over in 10+2 PCB is necessary.
4. Additionally, Indian students must also pass the NEET examination to be eligible for an MBBS abroad.


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